Believing in yourself & building space for the community

with Keisha Mabry

Welcome to Girl Louie: a creative agency & storytelling studio focused on building community

Girl Louie is a creative studio that focuses on storytelling, branding, marketing, web design, social media… and all the creative things in between. 

We are a collective of creatives who believe that through the power of art & storytelling – we can build the community we desire to live in. 

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Girl Louie is not just a creative agency, we work to bring stories to life by tapping our creative network to showcase our regions stories, people, places, and things that are making an impact in our community.

Women’s History Matters. Period.

Women’s History Matters. Period.

Women's History Month is an important time of the year because we get to celebrate all the incredible accomplishments that women have achieved throughout history. Here are some REAL TALK reasons why Women's History Month is so important:   Because we're tired of...

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Black Trans Women Matter

Black Trans Women Matter

I think we can all agree that 2020 has proven to be quite a year of stress, heavy hearts and fear of our future. Between our fight for Black lives, the fight against police brutality and injustice...how to navigate an airborne disease that has proven to be quite...

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At Girl Louie, we only work with clients we care about. Together with our clients, we work to build creative solutions, solve tough problems through design, and create a fun process to explore ideas and brainstorm together. Here’s a few things are clients have said…

Black Girls DO STEM was beyond impressive with the exemplary services provided by the Girl Louie Team. The Girl Louie Team was able to execute great designs and marketing materials on a tight deadline and was a big part of our final end of year fundraising efforts where we excelled at reaching our goals.  We are excited to welcome the Girl Louie Team back to continue to assist us as we invest more in brand identity and storytelling.
Cynthia Chapelle

Executive Director, Black Girls Do STEM

We first experienced Sarah’s design capabilities when she helped with the redesign of our website. Now, she and her stellar team at Girl Louie have helped us rethink the way we are approaching our marketing efforts. She has a spark, something extra, that is backed up by tremendous talent…we are fortunate to have her as part of our extended team!

Dayna M. Stock, PhD

CEO, The Group Group


Girl Louie is a creative collective. We are always excited to work with more folxs who want to build the community of our dreams through art, advocacy, design, and storytelling. Have some ideas on how you’d like to work together? Give us a shout!